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Top quality from Germany’s Oldenburger Land region

The Steinemann family can count on several generations’ experience in farming and livestock-breeding.

The Steinemann Company in its present form was founded by Alwin Steinemann in 1966, as a business dedicated to the manufacture of high-quality meat products and sausages. The company base near the town of Steinfeld was an intelligent choice, as it lies in the heart of the Oldenburger Land – at the very centre of Germany’s livestock-farming region, thus offering direct access to top breeders. Steinfeld is also strategically located in terms of transport access, lying right on the north-south axis between the north-German towns of Oldenburg and Osnabrück, and on the east-west axis running from Hanover to the Dutch border. These advantages have allowed the company to grow steadily over time, to a point where it employs a workforce of 350 people. We all set great store by personal responsibility and top quality. And it shows.

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Schlachtung, Produktion

A humane slaughterhouse operation with top-quality production facilities

Our ultra-modern slaughtering and production facilities, manned by highly-qualified staff, are designed to deliver the very best in terms of the final product.


Rediscovering the meaning of flavour

Indulge your taste-buds with the range of delicious specialities supplied by Steinemann. We produce a range of meat products, sausages and convenience foods – all with the same top quality and full, rich flavour. But don’t take our word for it. Enjoy them for yourself!

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Convenience foods

Top flavour –
minimal effort

Our convenience products are designed to let you serve up great meals with a minimum of fuss and bother. Our wide range is designed to let you try something different every day. To be convinced, just try one of our prepared oven-ready meals!